From theory to practice ÔÇô training for robots and PLC.


In our training center, you and your team can quickly learn how to handle and program robots and PLC. The training courses are practice-oriented and convey extensive knowledge in a short time. This can be applied directly to your own projects.

Our training center is UR certified and offers the latest information on the use of robots. You will receive documentation on all training content as well as catering on site.

Attend one of our UR-certified training courses:

  • UR certified: Core Training
  • UR certified: Advanced Training
  • Individual Willich Training: Individual Training
  • Individual Willich Training: Product Training
  • Individual Willich Training: Operator Training

Of course, we also offer individual training directly at your company for your respective systems and applications.


A yearly overview of all training courses is available for download (as PDF) here: Kalender_2020_Schulungen_A4.pdf

If you are interested, please write to and let us know your desired date.

Individual training

Alternatively, we can provide individual training. In this case, please contact us to arrange an offer and date.