Photovoltaics and storage

Use the energy of the sun ÔÇô in a sustainable and climate friendly manner.

Future-proof energy supply

We are your reliable partner for all aspects of photovoltaics. We provide you with comprehensive advice and, after planning, take over the installation and maintenance of photovoltaic systems of any size. We analyze your individual situation and find a suitable solution for your requirements. Thanks to modern technology, photovoltaics is also suitable for locations not facing south. We will be happy to provide you with a reliable prediction of future efficiency.

Storage systems increase flexibility

In strong sunshine, store the excess electricity in large batteries and use the energy at night or in bad weather. This makes you even more flexible and independent of your local power supplier. Of course, it is also possible to feed the self-generated electricity into the overall grid and receive a fixed minimum compensation. This feed-in tariff is guaranteed for 20 years and allows long-term financial planning.

Focus on quality when it comes to maintenance and care

For the successful operation of a photovoltaic system, the quality of planning, execution, and materials is crucial. We can clarify your situation in a detailed preliminary talk and plan a customized photovoltaic system. For installation, we use only components of the highest quality from Germany. This results in long-term operation with high efficiency.

Advice and project support

Energize your power supply with interesting energies. We refer you to the planning of photovoltaic systems and then develop assembly and maintenance. With a suitable storage system, you can temporarily store the energy when there is a high level of electricity production and consumption. This is how you make yourself safe from electricity electricity costs.


We can also assist you with the planning and installation of charging stations and storage systems when using electric vehicle controls.


You can find out more about electromobility in our environmental technology division.