From assembly to maintenance: We bring industrial robots into your company as an individual solution. Our Cobots from Universal Robots are precise helpers in daily work. AGVS accelerate transport processes. Thanks to comprehensive training, no questions remain unanswered.

We connect your buildings with intelligent technology. Rely on more safety and comfort. Whether electricity or communication, we can install the entire electrical system according to your individual requirements. This also includes lighting, video, and alarm systems.

Information technology connects all areas of electrical engineering. We offer IT networks with high security standards and reliable back-ups. Whether on-site or through remote access ÔÇô we plan, implement, and support your networks.

To ensure that your production runs smoothly, we provide comprehensive support in the new development or optimization of electrical, pneumatic, and testing equipment as well as cables and wiring harnesses. You can rely on the highest quality.

Whether power generation or water treatment: Our efficient technology delivers sustainable performance for wastewater and fresh water plants as well as photovoltaics and energy storage. We provide a secure infrastructure for the operation of electric vehicles.

The wishes and tasks of our customers are our challenge.

5 reasons to choose us

Positive attitude and vision

We approach challenges with a positive attitude and find effective solutions.

Respect, honesty, integrity, and responsibility are the basis of our activities.

Our success is based on cooperation, communication, determination, and team spirit.

Curiosity leads to new, practical solutions and directly influences results for our customers.

We implement complex innovations in a targeted manner for our customers.