Achieve more together – optimally integrate Cobots.

Consultation and project support

Cobots (collaborative robots) can significantly accelerate your production processes. When it comes to integrating collaborative robots into your production processes, we provide comprehensive advice and support.

Applications and advantages

In a joint work process, Cobots can relieve the strain on humans. They provide support as flexible production assistants – for example, when processing heavy parts or carrying out uncomfortable movements. Cobots can perform pick-and-place tasks, carry out assembly work, or facilitate quality inspection. The application possibilities are almost infinite.

Advantages of Cobots:

  • quick to set up and integrate into existing processes
  • flexible, safe, and easy to program
  • space-saving and efficient
  • quick automation

Cobots from Universal Robots

We are one of the preferred distributors of Universal Robots in Germany. The Cobots from UR are precise, accurate, and reliable. The various models differ in working radius, weight, and floor space. They can therefore be flexibly adapted to the respective application requirements.

We currently offer the following models of Universal Robots:


In our in-house, UR certified training center, you can effectively learn how to program and best use the Cobots. Of course, we are also happy to carry out our training courses directly in your company.

Learn more about our training Courses.