Willich today

Electrical engineering with experience – rely on knowledge from a single source.

The company

Willich is a dynamic company in the electrical engineering sector. Willich Elektrotechnik GmbH was founded in 1985 by Uwe Willich. What began as an individual enterprise is now a globally active company with 120 employees.

Based on our guiding principle of “everything from a single source”, we offer comprehensive solutions that include consulting, planning, project management, implementation, and support. This enables us to manage projects holistically. As a customer, you benefit from having one responsible contact person.

Qualified employees

All our employees attend manufacturer training and workshops on the latest products and are brought up to date with the latest technology in regular internal training courses.

24-hour emergency service

You can reach our emergency service outside our business hours as follows:

Dial the main number: 06622-9277-0

Our answering machine will pick up. This will give you the current mobile phone number of our emergency service. Please contact our employee directly and describe your problem. Our employee will then discuss the further procedure with you. You can also leave a message on the answering service. We will then contact you during our business hours. Thank you very much.

We always strive to ensure high customer satisfaction. Despite all technical aids, unforeseen difficulties in reaching the emergency service may occur. Please be sure to inform us about such cases.

Our business hours:

Monday through Thursday: 7:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Friday: 7:00 a.m. – 12:30 p.m.

Strategy, innovation, and target group

The company has been future-oriented from the onset. After the initial phase in classical electrical engineering, additional market segments were gradually opened up.

We distinguish ourselves by developing our services and internal processes at least as fast as the market and competitive requirements change. As a result, we are among the first to take advantage of change and pass on innovative solutions to our customers. The main target groups are municipalities and industrial and commercial enterprises.

5 reasons to choose us

1. Positive attitude and vision

We approach challenges with a positive attitude and find effective solutions.
We always see a world of possibilities.

2. Respect

Respect, honesty, integrity, and responsibility are the basis of our activities.
We are constantly striving to fulfill our obligations towards ourselves, our customers, and our partners.

3. Teamwork and familiar corporate culture

Our entrepreneurial success is based on cooperation, communication, determination, and team spirit.
We maintain a familiar corporate culture and strive to maintain a healthy balance between work and private life.

4. Creative influence

All our creativity flows into new solutions. This directly affects our competitiveness and the results for our customers.
Curiosity leads to new, practicable solutions.

5. Innovation

We implement complex innovations in a targeted manner for our customers. We achieve the optimum benefit through professional training.